Amethyst - Activates spiritual awareness, encourages intuition, and enhances psychic abilities
Amazonite - Provides soothing, replenishing balance to personal energy and promotes optimum health
Agate - Stabilizes the aura, eliminates negative, lingering energies and enhances mental function/ clarity
Chalcedony - Brings harmony to the mind, body, and spirit; transforms melancholy emotions into blissful joy
Clear Quartz - Encourages spiritual growth, enhances mental clarity, and intensifies manifestations
Howlite - Strengthens memory, stimulates desire for knowledge, and enhances overall communication
Jade - Attracts good luck and friendship, represents serenity and purity, and provides protection while reinstalling inner harmony
Sodalite - Brings order and tranquility to the mind and encourages balance within personal intuition
Lapis Lazuli - Encourages strength and courage; enhances personal wisdom, intellect, and truth
Magnesite - Improves creativity, stimulates passion in the heart, and promotes a deep sense of inner peace
Morganite - Attracts harmonious love, allows for heart healing, and creates nurturing energy to enhance manifestations
Pink Aventurine - Encourages happiness and prosperity, represents beauty and calming compassion
Pink Opal - Allows the heart to open to heal inner emotions, rooted within the heart chakra, provides the ability to resolve issues and let go of lingering wounds
Rhodochrosite - Stimulates self love and passion while energizing the soul; the stone of empathetic courageĀ 
Rose Quartz - Initiates abundant, unconditional love and provides aid in healing inner feelings
White Jade - Provides relief for joint pain; helps the body detoxify and heal itself