The Evolve Collection

The Evolve Collection

Each collection I design has a special place in my heart. I usually have my go-to places for inspiration. Typically my inspiration comes from nature, travel, music, yoga, fashion and even the stones themselves. This collection comes from those, but this time there was another influence. Right before I began designing this line I started Yoga Teacher Training. Ironically, the collection was also released around the time I was completing me training. I was so simultaneously immersed in both that it was impossible to not let one affect the other. During the process I felt very aware of my personal growth in each. To look back at where my practice was when I went into my first yoga class 20 years ago, to what it's developed into today; I can't help, but compare it to the evolution of Carolyn Hearn Designs. From playing around with making jewelry in college, to where we are today. Change is inevitable, growth and evolution happen when dedication meet passion. 



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